Stanford Sports Performance

The Method

Utilize the finest and most pioneering methodology, within an educationally-enriched and scientific environment, our mission is to push the envelope and drive innovation to facilitate the ethical enhancement of athletic performance and improve the quality of life of the Stanford athlete.

The Mission

The mission of the Stanford Sports Performance department is to strengthen student-athletes’ pursuit of championship goals and high achievement throughout their life with a program aimed at enhancing athletic performance, reducing the incidence of injury, and developing mental discipline.
Core Values:

  • Collaboration
  • Process-oriented
  • Safety
  • Accountability
  • Competition

“Improving performance requires a multidisciplinary approach. Hence there are a number of factors which can result in either a positive manner (improving performance) or in a negative manner (attenuating performance).”

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Recent News

Sports Performance Team

The Sports Performance Coach is a new breed of uniquely qualified performance coach for the next generation of athletes. Encompassing a greater scope of knowledge in all of the related aspects of performance (movement, recovery & regeneration, nutrition, flexibility, energy system development, strength, evaluation, etc.), this athletic development specialist possesses a totally encompassing and diverse background to assist the Stanford coaches and athletes with the most innovative, effective and ethical means to help each achieve his/her athletic goals.

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Live from the Floor (Ep. 6)

Stanford Sports Performance