2017 Stanford Sports Performance Camp; June 6 – July 28

The Stanford Sports Performance Camp is a comprehensive performance enhancement program open to any and all athletes of all skill levels and training experience.

Camp Dates & Sessions

All Sports Performance Camp (Phase 1) 6.12.17 – 6.30.17
All Sports Performance Camp (Phase 2) 7.10.17 – 7.28.17

Water Polo Sports Performance Camp (#1) 6.6.17 – 7.14.17
Water Polo Sports Performance Camp (#2) 6.6.17 – 7.14.17
Water Polo Sports Performance Camp (#3) 6.6.17 – 7.14.17

Our experienced certified coaches are committed to providing a positive, confidence-building training environment where athletes are encouraged to work diligently, give their best effort, and enjoy the process of self-improvement. While athletes are challenged to push themselves, safety will always be our top priority. All camp attendees will receive detailed instruction on proper exercise technique, and technical mastery is required before progressing to heavier loads.

The goal of our program is to develop the complete athlete – explosive, strong, fit, and durable. Each intensive workout will address several components of athletic performance enhancement and injury prevention, including speed, power, agility, strength, mobility, core stability as well as energy system development. Train in a state-of-the-art weight room facility plus field turf– same one as National Championship Teams and Olympic Athletes.

For more information go to the Sport Performance Camp page or contact us at sportsperformance@stanford.edu 650.736.6517

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